Community Guidelines

Hello, thank you for taking time to check out our guidelines we laid out for the platform. We enforce these rules to enforce healthy learning environment for everyone. We reserve the right to ban or suspend users that do not respect the community guidelines. Please spare a minute to read and understand some healthy habits that go a long way in making FPV Grind a healthy community for everyone to participate in.

Treat each other with respect.

It goes without saying, we all need to treat each other with respect. No personal attacks, abuses, bad language (in any language) is allowed or encouraged.

Racism, bigotry, bullying, and discrimination are grounds for a ban.

Not happening here.

NSFW content is not allowed.

This is not the platform for that.

No spamming or flooding any groups/posts with images, links, texts, etc.

You are allowed to show off your flying skills through your posts though.

Do not ask for or spread personal information of any user

We respect every users privacy, anyone spreading information of any user on the platform will be deactivated.

Admins have the final word when it comes to bans.

Sometimes, there might be users that surprise us doing things that aren't right or safe for others. We reserve the right to ban any such users from making the community a bad experience for others.

Careful of links out from the website, always verify the authenticity of a link.

We encourage you to share links to share knowledge with others, there might be bad characters at play that might be having a bad motive. Please be careful before clicking such links.